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Our briefs succinctly cover basic topics like the national debt and deficits, the federal budget, and why it all matters to you and your family.

Infographics and Facts

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Our infographics and facts quickly explain key topics. 

Interactive Tools

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Our interactive tools make it easier to understand complex topics related to the national debt and federal budget.

Fix the Debt Briefs

National Debt and Deficits

See where the national debt and annual federal budget deficits stand and  what the future outlook is. Learn the difference between debt and  deficits. 

Why it Matters to You

Learn about how rising national debt will affect you and your family, such as through lower economic and wage growth. 

Federal Budget and Spending

Learn all about the federal budget and government spending. See how the budget process works and where your taxpayer dollars go. 


 Learn all about federal taxes. See where federal revenue comes from and ideas for comprehensive tax reform. 

Ideas for Action

Check out ideas to fix the debt.

Social Security and Health Care

Learn about the financial challenges facing Social Security and Medicare  and what can be done to strengthen these vital programs. 

National Debt and Deficit

Everything You Need to Know

Get answers to basic questions about the national debt, like How big is  the debt? And, What is the difference between deficits and debt? 

The State of the Debt

A succinct look at the current national debt situation and what it means. 

The Latest Budget Numbers

Check out the latest federal budget numbers, including the ten-year budget outlook. 

Common Myths

Common myths about the national debt are debunked with facts and figures. 

Long-Term Outlook

 Check out the long-term federal budget outlook to see the unsustainable path our national debt is on. 

Debt Ceiling

Our primer on the statutory debt limit.

Why It Matters

National Debt and You

See how rising national debt affects you personally.

For Democrats

Why Democrats should want to fix the debt.

For Republicans

Why Republicans should want to fix the debt. 

Federal Budget and Government Spending

Federal Budget Primer

Learn what you need to know about the federal budget process. 

3 Things about the Budget

Some interesting facts about how the government spends taxpayer money that may surprise you. 

Government Spending Primer

 A succinct primer on the annual government spending process. 

Government Shutdown Primer

 A succinct primer on the annual government spending process. 


Tax Reform Resources

Learn about the U.S. tax code and the need for comprehensive tax reform. 

Need for Tax Reform

See how fundamental tax reform can help fix the debt. 

Ideas for Action

6 Things Congress Should Do As It Considers the Federal Budget

The federal budget process is faltering just as deficits are skyrocketing. Here are 6 things Congress should do. 

5 Ways Washington Can Make Good on Promises to Fix the Debt

President Trump says he wants to tackle rising national debt. We highlight 5 ways to do it. 

5 Ways Congress Should Respond to Trillion-Dollar Deficits

Perpetual trillion-dollar deficits are now on the horizon. Here are 5 ways Congress should respond. 

Social Security and Health care

Securing Social Security

The Social Security trust fund faces insolvency. Beneficiaries will be better off if it is strengthened sooner rather than later. 

Improving Medicare

Instead of unrealistic promises, Medicare needs reform to keep it sustainable. 

Interactive Tools

Is It Worth It?


Check out the cost of policies Congress may consider and compare with key items currently in the federal budget.

The Debt Fixer


The Debt Fixer interactive budget tool gives you the ability to show how to Fix the Debt.

How Old Will You Be?


See how old you will be when Social Security's trust funds run out and how it will affect you.